What we can do now for the sake of the earth and society.

As a member of society, we are always conscious of our corporate social responsibility and environmental protection, and are engaged in a variety of activities with the aim of providing high-quality and reliable services.


SDGs:Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the international goals for a sustainable and better world by 2030, as stated in the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. It consists of 17 goals and 169 targets to achieve a sustainable world, and pledges to “leave no one behind.”

Examples of Initiatives at Topsystem

Topsystem is making various efforts in its corporate activities to contribute to the realization of the SDGs.

Design and manufacture of
environmentally friendly


We are working towards the design and production of a carbon energy-free pure water production system. The conventional evaporation method for purifying water relies on fossil fuels as a heat source to boil and evaporate water, but the introduction of the membrane filtration method has made it possible to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Contribute to People’s Wellbeing


Vaccines, new drugs, generic drugs, and many other drugs are being researched and developed every day around the world. As a company that designs and manufactures pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, which is responsible for the stable production of these medicines, we believe that our primary mission is to contribute to health by manufacturing equipment that can produce pharmaceuticals that meet the requirements of our customers.

Diversity & Inclusion


We respect and recognize diversity in age, gender, nationality, and other factors, and are working to create a workplace environment where each and every employee can work with to their fullest extent. Machine manufacturers may have an image of being male-dominated, but at Topsystem, about 30% of all employees are women. Women are active in every field, including design, manufacturing, and inspection. We are also promoting multinational employment.



As part of our efforts to prevent global warming, one of the goals of the SDGs,
Topsystem is working to design and manufacture a pure water production system that does not use carbon energy.

Water for Injection Produced by Membrane Method(EnviroFALK PharmaWaterSystems)

The “Membrane Filtration System for producing Water for Injections (M-WF I) is a water production system for water for injections (WFI) that uses UF membranes to remove endotoxins. The conventional distillation method relies on fossil fuels as a heat source to boil and evaporate water, but the introduction of the membrane filtration method has made it possible to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels. According to a survey by EnviroFALK, the manufacturer of the membrane filtration system, a reduction of about 80% has been achieved, and we believe that a reduction of 60-70% is possible at our facilities. This project is also linked to Japan’s current push to “Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050”, and we believe it will be a significant contribution to the environmental efforts of pharmaceutical companies. This is a pioneering system in Japan and is scheduled to be available in 2023.


In order to provide reliable services to our customers, Topsystem has acquired ISO certification for our management philosophy, quality policy, and guiding principles, and we are working together as one under these policies.

ISO9001:Management system registration certificate
ISO9001:Management system registration certificate

Management Philosophy

We will continue to contribute to society at large by providing reliable and welcomed products and services that enrich the lives of the people involved.

Quality Policy

Realization of the goals of GRAB100(mid-term and long-term management plan)

  • Solidify our foundation as a first-class pharmaceutical manufacturing plant manufacturer
  • Develop new businesses (launch of overseas businesses, new businesses and new products)
  • Raise awareness as a self-responsible company (improve management skills)

Integration of ISO 9001 into business and operational processes

  • Utilize ISO 9001 as a tool to achieve the management and business goals of GRAB 100, implement the PDCA cycle, evaluate the effectiveness of business processes and business execution capabilities, and continuously improve them.

  • We will strive to understand the expectations and needs of our customers and provide products and services that satisfy them by mobilizing the collective strengths of our employees, subcontractors and partner companies.

  • We will set the management and business goals of GRAB 100 as quality goals, and all departments will work on issues and measures to achieve the goals as policy management (action plan).

  • We will strive to improve GRAB100 and TMS by keeping abreast of changes in internal and external conditions and the needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders.


Guiding Principles

-High quality comes from our people-
We are aware that the high quality of our work has an important impact on the quality of our products and services, and we will strive to improve customer satisfaction by acquiring and acting on high-quality technologies and requirements.
-Improvement is our duty-
We will constantly review our work for higher effectiveness and efficiency and make continuous improvements in response to changes in the external environment, such as customers, markets and partners, and the internal environment, such as new technologies and methodologies.
-Integration and coordination-
We will continue to provide higher quality products and services by always considering the integration of sales, technology, financial factors, and all other factors under compliance with laws and regulations, and also by coordinating them at a high level through creativity and effort.
What is “working smart”?
We will continue to provide higher quality products and services by always thinking about the integration of all factors, including technology, finance, and other factors.

We hereby declare that all employees will work together to implement this quality policy.



To anticipate the times and provide proposals that exceed customer requirements.
We are developing a wide range of research and development with a flexible mind.

Transformation to system preparation using SCADA

Transformation to system preparation using SCADA

SCADA is a system that aggregates information on the infrastructure and equipment in a factory, monitors it, and issues control commands. This system enables the accumulation of necessary data while avoiding tampering, and also simplifies complex equipment control programs. Pharmaceutical products have an environment unique to the manufacturer, and it has been considered difficult to create a general-purpose system. However, we have utilized our accumulated know-how to move from a system of preparation to a systematized preparation. We will further enhance the usefulness of SCADA, a trend in the pharmaceutical industry in the future.

Development of preparation equipment required by users

Development of preparation equipment required by users

In order to engage in development and design together with our customers and meet their diversifying needs, we must have the experience and knowledge to break through the status quo. Even for a single valve, various specifications are required, such as sealing performance, response performance, heat resistance, pressure shock suppression, etc. How to use which equipment to get closer to what the user wants is the subject of research, and the accumulation of detailed data is an asset for the next step. In the future, there will be even greater demand for reliable work that does not depend on human labor in the field of pharmaceutical preparation. We will continue to work with equipment manufacturers to research and develop equipment that can quickly respond to this demand.

Development from a Risk Control Standpoint

Development from a Risk Control Standpoint

Quality risks in pharmaceutical preparation are actually in places and actions that are often invisible. It is often not apparent in the manual, and even the user or producer may not be aware of it or may be managing it incorrectly. Topsystem has promising personnel from fields such as chemistry and genetic engineering. By including theory in our risk control, we are striving to propose unprecedented risk control and preparation methods.

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