Our mission as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical production equipment is to illuminate peoples’ hopes and make the world of tomorrow possible.
We hope that by supporting pharmaceutical manufacturing scene, we can be a link to patients’ futures and pass our baton to the next generation.

How can we achieve this and pass on the manufacturing pride and world-renowned Japanese craftsmanship to the next generation?
From the research and development of new drugs to generic drugs and now, as Japan and the rest of the world face an unprecedented crisis,
we have been given a new mission.

Our history is one of keeping pace with the times and responding to the needs of the times.

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our founding, Topsystem will continue to move forward with this mission in mind.



Reading the trends of the times and making moves in advance.

In November 2019, Topsystem celebrated its 20th anniversary. Soon after, in 2020, the world was faced with an unprecedented crisis due to the spread of COVID-19.

We had to ask “How can we help using our manufacturing skills? What we can do is to support the research and development of effective drrugs and vaccines.” This is where we feel a strong sense of our mission.

Although we do not directly manufacture medicines, we play a role in providing the necessary equipment and are taking on the mission of quickly delivering equipment that enables pharmaceutical companies to produce medicines with confidence. Each and every one of our employees is motivated by the understanding that there are patients waiting for their medications from our equipment.

From the local industrial city of Saijo, we will develop our own integrated pharmaceutical production equipment for the world. Additionally, we look beyond the differences in age, gender, and nationality to continue to understand each other’s diversity in order to pursue new possibilities in manufacturing.

Representative Director Tatsuo Mori

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